Frequently asked questions

What scholarships am I eligible for?

Each year, AVCAT offers a number of tertiary scholarships to the children and grandchildren of Australian veterans. These scholarships are sponsored by the Australian Government Department of Veterans' Affairs, various ex-service organisations, corporate sponsors, and individual donors. Different scholarships have different eligibility criteria - as part of the assessment process our assessors work out the scholarships for which you may be eligible.

For example, the Long Tan Bursary is offered specifically to the children of Vietnam Veterans and is worth $4,000 a year for up to three years of full-time study.

As another example, the New South Wales Nurses and Midwives' Association Scholarship is offered to a student who is studying, or intending to study, a degree in Nursing or Midwifery at a tertiary institution in NSW or the ACT. This scholarship is worth $4,000 a year for up to three years of full-time study.

More information about the various scholarships that we offer is available here:



Eligibility Test

You are eligible to apply for a scholarship with AVCAT if you answer yes to the following questions:

  • Are you a child or a grandchild of an Australian veteran?
  • Are you an Australian citizen or permanent resident?
  • Are you enrolled, or planning to enrol, in tertiary studies for a minimum of one year?
  • Will you be studying full-time next year?
  • Are you or will you be eligible for Centrelink's Youth Allowance*?
  • Are you under 25 years of age**?

Contact us to receive an application pack.

*Scholarships are awarded based on need, merit and deservedness. Need is determined by the means test eligibility for Centrelink's Youth Allowance or other Commonwealth means tested benefits.

** If you are older than 25 years you will need to provide an explanation for the delay in undertaking tertiary study.

When can I apply for a scholarship?

For students applying to receive a scholarship in 2018 applications will open on August 18 2017. If you are interested in applying, please fill out the “Contact Us” form and we will add you to our 2018 Expressions of Interest Register. An application form will be emailed or posted to you.

What documents do I need for my application?

It is advisable to start preparing your documents before applications open as this can take a lot of time. Some of the documents that you can prepare in advance include:

  • A copy of your full birth certificate
  • A copy of an official document showing the veterans’ operational service and/or the period of continuous full-time service as a member of the Australian Navy, Army or Airforce (eg. Discharge certificate, Certificate of Service)
  • A copy of your academic results for the last 18 months. For current Year 12 students – this will be your school report and results. For current tertiary students – this will be a transcript or results.
  • An up-to-date resume
  • References/prizes/award certificates (no more than 4 documents and less than 2 years old)
Do all applicants receive a bursary?

No. There are eligibility rules and selection criteria that applicants must meet. AVCAT has only a limited amount of bursaries available each year. Approximately one in every six applicants is successful.

What do the selectors look for?

Our committee of selectors consists of educationalists and veteran members. Our selectors look for three things when deciding who to select each year. These things are:

  • Which of our candidates have the academic ability and drive to complete their course?
  • Which of our candidates are most limited by their financial circumstances?
  • How do candidates' personal circumstances impact on their studies?
How do the scholarships work?

The scholarships that are managed by AVCAT are valued between $3000 and $5000 per year and are paid to students in monthly instalments from March to December.

I am a new scholarship recipient. How do I receive my first scholarship payment?

Successful applicants will receive a written confirmation and Offer and Acceptance and Personal Detail Forms. These forms request your written acceptance about the offer, information about the course you have enrolled in, your personal details and proof of your continuing eligibility.

These forms must be completed and returned to us with supporting documentation by the due date for your scholarship payments to commence. If you fail to return the forms by the deadline, your payments will not commence and your scholarship may be offered to another applicant on our reserve list.

Each year during May to July, the Australian Government Department of Veterans’ Affairs organises an Award presentation ceremony in each capital city for the new recipients. Invitations are sent to new recipients who, along with their families, are expected to attend.

What are the terms and conditions of my scholarship?

Please see the Scholarship Terms and Conditions page.

Register your interest for our 2019 scholarships. Application forms will be sent out in August to everyone on our Expressions of Interest register