Eligibility Requirements

To remain eligible for your scholarship you must be:

  • studying full-time (face-to-face or online) at an Australian University, TAFE or registered training institution,
  • achieving satisfactory academic progress (at least 50% in each subject)
  • receiving full time, means tested educational benefits under Youth Allowance or equivalent scheme.

If you are feeling that you are not making satisfactory academic progress, it is in your interests to see a student counsellor as soon as possible. If your results are not satisfactory, please write to us and explain why your scholarship should continue and provide evidence to support your case (eg. Medical certificate, letter from a student counsellor). Your case will be reviewed by AVCAT.

Mid-Year and Annual Reviews

AVCAT carries out Annual and Mid-Year reviews. Payments for the following semester do not restart until your review form and supporting documentation have been processed by AVCAT. Supporting documentation includes academic results, enrolment details and evidence of full-time educational benefits (Youth Allowance, VCES).

AVCAT will email the review forms to you at the end of each semester. You can also download the review forms here[CT1]

Course Changes and Deferment

Approval is usually given where a change in course increases employment prospects or is more in line with a students’ abilities and interests.

It is possible for current scholarship recipients to defer for up to 12 months so long as you have already completed 6 months of study (minimum) whilst on your AVCAT scholarship.

You must check with AVCAT before you make any changes to ensure your scholarship will still be valid. Please email AVCAT: info@avcat.org.au with the details of your proposed course change or deferral.

Working Together

Please contact us if you are planning to do, or have done, any of the following:

  • Cease/defer your studies
  • Change course, institution or campus
  • Stop studying full-time
  • Cease to receive, or qualify on financial grounds for, Youth Allowance or equivalent

Your donor is interested in you! Please make every effort to send us a short email or letter (with photos attached) that we can pass onto your donor to keep them informed about your progress and your achievements.2020 Applications open 18 August 2019 and close 31 October 2019.
2020 Scholarships announced February 2020.